As we fast approach the year 2012 the one word that came to my mind was change…after much reflection, I have decided that the word I truly need to focus on is “transformation”.  We have all had to change our mindsets over the course of the last couple of years to meet the continuing changes in our markets as well as our industry.  Some have opted to quit rather than change; some have opted to continue on as usual and wonder why they have no business or why it is more difficult to do the same thing as before.  Then there are those that have decided to transform…and that is what I have opted for.


Our business is a constantly moving target and we need to be able to transform ourselves to ensure that we are not the target.  Homes are still bought and sold each and every day…we can choose to be a part of that or watch the successes of others from the sidelines.  I have had 38 successful years in this business, the basics are still the same, just enhanced by our technology which I embrace…..what are your plans for 2012…quit, business as usual or transformation?